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The 7’ Pram

Length 7'2" (2.18m)

Beam 3'10" (1,17m)

Depth 1'6" (0.46m)

Weight 34kg approx


The 7’ Pram dinghy is the ideal tender for those with limited space and smaller crews. With the traditional look glass fibre clinker hull and sapele fit out the pram can easily be towed or hoisted onboard vessels of classic or modern designs.

The pram dinghy has fore and aft buoyancy tanks, is lightweight and is easily handled afloat or on shore.

With three seating positions and the design is very versatile and safe. Supplied with outboard pad, towing eye and wooden runners as standard, and can also be provided with twin rowing positions, lifting points and cover if required.

An optional pneunatic launching wheel can be built into the transom, this is held on with stainless steel wingnuts so is removable. We can supply 2 loops of rope at the Bow, through which you can put the Oars thus enabling you to wheel the Boat like a wheelbarrow. This Boat is available with a sailing option, the rig includes Mast, Boom, Gaff, Daggerboard, Rudder and standing Lug sail. (including all ropes and fittings).



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