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The Nutshell Dinghy

Traditional wooden clinker sailing boats and rowing dinghy's. The Nutshell dinghy is available in kit or complete ready for use.

The Kit
Nutshell kits are made up from exactly the same pre-cut parts as our workshop produced boats, and are supplied complete with fastenings, adhesive and basic fittings, such as screw bungs and rowlocks. Good quality timber is used throughout with sapele thwart, centre case trim and rub rails, Columbian pine gun’ls and full length, unscarphed Robbins Elite ply planking. A very detailed Construction Programme is included, based on our own process, and related to the specific needs of the amateur.

The full programme can be carried out using a normal kit of hand tools, and it will normally take between thirty or forty hours to reach the “ready to paint” stage.

The Construction Sequence
The first job involves the assembly of the keel, stem, and bottom panel. Then the transom and bulkheads added, and the assembly inverted ready for planking. No additional jigging is required, since each plank is accurately cut to shape and is exactly located in the position of the previous one, by fastening them through pre-drilled holes. It will then form very easily to the shape of the boat, and fix to the notched bulkheads, transom and stem.

The seams formed at the plank laps are then caulked with epoxy filler-adhesive, - and because this essentially forms each lap into a stringer, the result is an extremely strong, yet lightweight structure. And, the glued joint is so strong that a sectional strip cut from across the boat can be entirely straightened without breakage.
The construction sequence is concluded with the fitting of the thwarts, gun’ls, knees and other trim and the dinghy made ready for varnishing and painting.

We use, and recommend a two pack coating system for the ultimate seal against the elements, but any good varnishing and painting method will produce a fine looking dinghy. A colour contrast at the waterline enhances the appearance out of all proportion to the time involved, and precise measurements required for setting this out on the hull. Instructions to this are given in the Construction Programme.

The Sailing Pack Options

A boat previously purchased for rowing, or bought as a kit, can be ready for sailing in about four hours with the Sailing Pack Kit. With this option the solid Columbian pine spars, plywood dagger board and folding rudder require light sanding and varnishing, also, the fittings, fastenings and instructions with measurement are all included. Alternatively, if the completed Sailing Pack is purchased then only about an hour will be required to fit out the hull.

Dimensions the maximum dimensions of the finished “Nutshell” are 108” x 56” high and the hull weight is close to 95lbs

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