Barrow Boat
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6' Barrow boat8' Barrow boat7'6 Sailor9'6 SnipeNutshell

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The Barrow Boats are a unique range of traditional clinker sailing boats and rowing dinghy's The barrow boat company is part of Greenway Marine Ltd- a family run company of over 30 years experience.

Traditional clinker built boats

Half built
Complete and Varnished
6’ Barrow boat
7’ Barrow boat
8’ Barrow boat
7’6” Sailor

To complete the above for sailing you need to purchase the sailing kit.

Sail kits

Complete and Varnished

6’ Boat


7’ to 8’ Boats


Barrow Boat extras

Buoyancy Bags x2
kit £92
fitted £120
Fender rope – all boats
kit £120
fitted £156
Brass Strip
kit £78
fitted £100
Hardwood Thwarts 6' to 9'6"
kit £282
fitted £336
Kit packaging UK
6’ to 8’ Boat Covers PVC

Nutshell dingy price list

Full kit of pre-cut timber parts, fastenings and epoxy adhesive to build the boat, with centrecase ready to epoxy coat/varnish/paint
Hull shell with keel and centrecase built, and with full kit of pre-cut timber parts, fastenings and epoxy adhesive to complete. Ready to epoxy coat/varnish/paint
C. Ready to paint
Boat fully built with centrecase and, finish sanded. Ringbolt inside stem and rowlocks fitted. Requires varnish/paint.
D. Ready for rowing
Boat as in ‘C’ with varnished top strake and inside, and paint to hull.
E. Sailing pack kit
Kit of spars, rudder and daggerboard with fittings and fastenings. Requires minor sanding, varnishing and assembly. Includes tan polyester sail (39sq. ft.), all ropes and sock type, sail bag which will take all the sailing gear and spars with sail attached.
F. Sailing pack
Sail, spars, ropes, rudder and daggerplate, all in sailbag ready for use
G. Complete sailing boat kit
Items ‘A’ and ‘E’
H. Complete sailing boat
Items ‘D’ and ‘F’ (ready to sail away)

Nunshell additional items

I. Side benches
Solid mahogany aft side benches.
Kit £120
Fitted £189
J. Painting to waterline
Add to items ‘D’ or ‘H’ for painting the bottom of the boat a different colour
K. Cover
Flat fitted boat cover in waterproof PVC (side drop covers top strake).
Brass keelband kit
Fitting keelband kit to bilge runners and keel at ends
Kit crating
UK £85
Export £135

Extras for all boats

Outboard motors available
Prices on application
Galvanized road /combi launching trailer (including jockey wheel)
Prices on application
Galvanized folding launch trolley (pneumatic tyres)
Prices on Application

Carriage Quotes on request

We reserve the right to change prices without notice

Deposit 10% (minimum £200) with order
Balance on or before collection
Prices will be fixed upon receipt of deposit, but are
Otherwise subject to variation without notice.

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TEL 01508 520397

6' Barrow Boat
7’6” Sailor

6' Barrow Boat

6' Barrow Boat

6' Barrow Boat

7' Barrow Boat

7' Barrow Boat
7' Barrow Boat
7' Barrow Boat
7 Foot Pram Dinghy
GRP 7' Pram Dinghy
7’6” Sailor
Nutshell Dinghy
Nutshell Dinghy
Nutshell Dinghy
Nutshell Dinghy

Nutshell Dinghy
8' Barrow Kit
8' Barrow Kit